Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you an egghead? Part 2....

Sadly, it was not second time lucky.

In the second round I was up against a guy named Terry (I think his surname was Tovey) and he was so bloody good.... He knew the majority of his answers and I was shocked at how good he was (but not really, since this was the second round)

Once again, I ended up with 2 eggheads in the final (This time CJ and Daphne) but Terry managed to get all five of his questions right opposed to my four right answers.

However, as I said to Nazia and Caroline, the wonderful researchers, If I was going to lose, I Would have been glad to lose to Terry, as he was again a really nice guy.

I now pass all my support to Terry to get through to the finals and trounce all comers.

And once again, thanks to all the eggheads, and especially CJ and Daphne for being so friendly, and CJ, I will keep in touch.

Next stop, Anne bloody Robinson!

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