Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are you an egghead?

Well maybe? I'm certainly one step closer this morning after winning the first round match against Harold Wyber yesterday.

That's right, faithful reader, I've applied to become an Egghead. I've been through the audition process and yesterday I was called to TV Centre (Wood Lane) to film my first round.

I got to meet the eggheads including "the wonderful" Daphne Fowler. I was shaking like a leaf when she approached me, and I was genuinely nervous of meeting such quizzing royalty. Sir Christopher Hughes and I got chatting about trains and all of them were so wonderfully kind and polite. And as for CJ De Mooi, he is an extremely approachable and incredibly nice bloke.

Dermot Murnaghan was a consummate professional - Johnny Newspresenter. He turned up 3 minutes before we started filming and disappeared as quickly afterwards. Nowt special there!

So here's the rules:

Two potential eggheads go against each other over 5 rounds of questions picked from the themes used in regular eggheads.

Each round is 3 multiple choice questions long.

If you win a round, you get to choose an egghead to help you out in the final round.

At the end of the five rounds, the final head to head is played.

If you do not know the answer to a question, you can elect any of your accumulated eggheads to answer the question for you.

The winner goes through to the next round, the loser goes home.

Then we started filming - The rounds were in the following order:

First round - History - Round won - Chose Daphne as Egghead
Second round - Music - Round lost
Third round - Food and Drink - Round lost
Fourth round - Arts and Books - Round lost
Fifth round - Geography - Round won - Chose Chris as Egghead

The final round was five general knowledge questions. Chris answered my first one for me, then I got the following two questions right without calling on Daphne for help. Then question number four was about Hiram Maxim's flying machine at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - No problem there.

It all came down to Harold missing out a couple of questions, meaning I was too far out of reach for him to claw back.

I won!!!!! Made a very inappropriate comment about preferring childbirth to the game (of course they'll include this!) and Harold was sent home. Sorry H.

After i'd won the heat and the researchers scraped me up from the floor (I could have fainted!) Daph, Ceej and Chris all came over and said about how happy they were I'd gotten through. I was so relieved and exalted and humbled. It was amazing!

So now, i go throught to the quarter finals, filmining back at TVC tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck - Although this was not the plan, winnning the first round has left me believing I might just have a chance!


Peter Pan said...

you actually fainted? wow!!
Good luck bub ... not that you need it

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